The role of the Ombudsperson is to determine whether Tarion has acted fairly and reasonably in their interaction with you as a homeowner. As an independent and impartial office, we provide an objective perspective to your concerns. 

The mandate for the Ombudsperson is established in the Ombudsperson Office Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference are approved by the Tarion Board of Directors and are reviewed on an annual basis.

What we do

We work to promote and protect fairness for homeowners in their interactions with Tarion. We do so by:

  • Providing homeowners a venue to air their concerns
  • Offering information, advice and assistance on issues of fairness
  • Conducting thorough, impartial and independent review of complaints 
  • Looking for fair resolutions to rectify individual concerns 
  • Making recommendations to Tarion to improve broader systemic issues

The role of the Ombudsperson is not to reassess warranty decisions. Instead, we ensure that the process used to make the decision was fair, and work to rectify it if it was not. 

How we operate

The Office of the Ombudsperson is an independent office within Tarion. We report directly to the Tarion Board of Directors through its Consumer Committee. Because the office is housed within Tarion, we are familiar with Tarion’s policies and processes, and can easily identify errors or omissions. This allows us to quickly respond to complaints and efficiently resolve them. Our proximity also allows us to see when systemic changes are needed to improve homeowners experience with Tarion.

Meet Jill Moriarty

Ombudsperson, Tarion Warranty Corporation

Jill Moriarty joined the Ombudsperson Office in July 2015 as an Advisor. She was appointed Ombudsperson at Tarion Warranty Corporation in October 2017.

Jill has worked as a mediator, facilitator, and trainer for workplace and community conflict resolution since 2010. Prior to this, Jill worked for many years in the field of health regulation.

  • Royal Roads University
    Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management
  • York University
    Certificate in Dispute Resolution
  • ADR Institute of Ontario
    Designation of Qualified Mediator