Case Studies

The Ombudsperson Office spends a significant amount of time engaged in case activity. By reading the Case Studies below, you’ll learn more about how the Office works and the kinds of issues that are brought to its attention.

2017 Case Studies

Several Case Studies from 2017 are summarized below. To read the entire Case Study, simply click on the appropriate link. These Case Studies can also be read in their entirety in the 2017 Ombudsperson Annual Report.
Mr. P reached out to the Ombudsperson Office with complaints about his Warranty Assessment Report and the Warranty Services Representative who conducted the inspection. 
On June 27th, Mr. B called Tarion’s Customer Service line about heavy water penetration from the roof that was damaging the ceiling of his 3-year-old home.
Ms. K contacted the Ombudsperson to indicate she was worried that her request for a conciliation inspection had not been received by Tarion.
Tarion’s Homeowner Information Package is a “must read” for any owner of a new home and Tarion requires that builders provide the Homeowner Information Package to all those purchasing new homes. But what happens when a home under warranty changes owners?
Ms. N’s builder was not responding to her concerns about water penetration, so she attempted to contact Tarion’s Customer Service Department for information on the warranty process.
Mr. S was in the process of completing his One Year Form when he noticed water in his basement and a smell of sewage.